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CareerPrep is a Twin Cities firm focused on helping students find their way to a great career.

Through coaching, training, and developmental experiences we empower students to make informed career choices and teach them the skills to obtain a meaningful job after college. Our goal is to provide students the tools, knowledge, and confidence to secure a great first job out of college and establish a fulfilling, successful career.

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Why CareerPrep?

Having a meaningful job in their career field of choice at graduation can give young adults confidence, security, and financial independence. And yet landing a great job right out of college is more challenging than ever.

The challenge is compounded by the rising cost of college tuition and the burden of skyrocketing student debt. The class of 2015 was the most indebted class to date with an estimated average debt of $35,000. Minnesota student debt is the 5th largest in the country.

Most students have never been given the tools to explore careers, or taught the skills to effectively navigate the job search process. We take a holistic approach guiding students through a process of development, growth, and learning.

At CareerPrep we help students get specific about their career goals early, and create plans to help students get where they want to be by graduation. We also act as a coach, mentor, and advocate in what can be an intimidating process. Our goal is to help students find a career that best fits them, and help them land a great first job in that field.

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  • I am so grateful for all your help and direction over the past few years with my future teaching career. You have been such a wonderful counselor, encourager, and coach. Thank you for all the help on my resume and for the introductions you have made for me. You have helped me feel more confident and excited about teaching.
    Samantha A.
  • I was nervous about doing a video interview for the first time. Running practice rounds with you and watching them back was very helpful. The feedback you gave me helped me adjust my approach and go into the video interview with the confidence that I could tackle whatever questions they asked!
    Meg H.
  • Working with you on my business school applications helped me build the application that reflected my personality, experience, and future goals. I'm so glad I worked on figuring this out before starting school - it has proven incredibly helpful.
    Harvard Business School Student, Class of 2017