Colleges, employers, professional associations and community groups share a vested interest in developing the next generation of leaders. Through a variety of collaborations and programs CareerPrep supports your mission to build the knowledge and skills that young adults require to be ready, willing and able to secure a great first job after graduation! As experts on emerging careers and engaging Generation Z, CareerPrep is a powerful partner for organizations focused on career development for young adults.


When students succeed, your institution succeeds. CareerPrep works as a partner to on campus career services and compliments and extends career services offerings. We have developed several innovative Career Boot Camps that provide off-campus, experiential learning and career development. This model can be customized to any demographic or career focus. Examples include:

  • Business Careers Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students
  • Student Athletes in Business Careers Boot Camp
  • New Grad Job Search Boot Camp
  • Women in Business Boot Camp
  • Careers in the Arts Boot Camp
  • Transition to the World of Work Boot Camp

CareerPrep also partners with colleges and universities to help develop workforce ready graduates through speaking engagements, J-term classes and professional development training. Our nearly 40 years of business experience provides real world evidence and examples that we use to build hands-on exercises to promote mastery of the skills students need to succeed.


Savvy employers are adopting innovative approaches to engage and attract Generation Z and develop their entry-level workforce. CareerPrep offers unique opportunities for you recruit and train your next generation of leaders. CareerPrep works closely with employers to develop programs that help attract a diverse and talented entry-level workforce. We are passionate about bringing students off campus and into the workplace to expose them to different company cultures and opportunities. We are always looking for employer sponsors, speakers, and hosts for our Career Boot camps. Partnering with CareerPrep on a boot camp provides the opportunity to build employer and brand awareness and showcase your culture and career path options to high potential college students. Potential sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Emerging Women Business Leaders Academy
  • GWIL Scholars Boot Camp
  • Student Athlete Career Boot Camp

CareerPrep also partners with employers on internship programming, as well as on-boarding training for entry-level employees and recent graduates. In addition, we speak at corporate events on generational issues and how to work effectively with Generation Z.


CareerPrep is an ideal partner to help professional association engage Generation Z as they launch their careers. Through speaking engagements, training sessions, and boot camps we can provide programs that ensure the personal and professional success of young adults as well as further your mission. As strong advocates for equity in emerging careers, CareerPrep looks to partner with community groups that help support students of color, first generation college students, women in business, and others in their career development. Please call us to discuss your goals, needs and ways we can be of service.