At CareerPrep we will absolutely leverage your student's college Career Center resources in our coaching. Career Centers can offer great access to alumni contacts, potential internships, and on campus interviews.

However, most Career Centers don't have the staff to provide personalized coaching to help your student make thoughtful decisions about "what do I want to do?" or the resources and expertise to truly teach students how to brand and market themselves in the job market.

CareerPrep's process of personal and professional development helps students figure out what they want to do, and then gives them the skills to differentiate themselves as they find their way to their first career.

At CareerPrep we work with high school juniors through recent college graduates. Our focus is on career exploration and early careers. We love starting to work with students in high school or early college. Starting career exploration at this time allows students to fully leverage their college years and summers to lay the groundwork for a great career. However, we successfully coach college students throughout their college years, and also offer support for new graduates.

Private career coaching is an investment. You and your student are likely investing a lot of money, time and resources in a college education. Private career coaching will help your student graduate with the skills and experiences to land a great job. That investment can pay off quickly if your student graduates with a great opportunity instead of working part-time at Starbucks or in retail. Financial independence is a great reward for both students and parents.

In fact, many of us invest thousands of dollars in summer camps, travel sports, and other opportunities for our children. While it is unlikely that most of our children will earn an athletic scholarship or become a professional dancer, every one of our children will eventually need to find a career. We believe private career coaching is a critical investment in an underdeveloped skill that students WILL need to be successful.

Yes. While you get more value from a longer term coaching relationship, we do offer hourly coaching for resume preparation, interview prep, and other one-off needs. Please contact us and we can create a customized service for your student.

We love to talk about career development! Contact us we can talk about options to come talk to your group.

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  • I am so grateful for all your help and direction over the past few years with my future teaching career. You have been such a wonderful counselor, encourager, and coach. Thank you for all the help on my resume and for the introductions you have made for me. You have helped me feel more confident and excited about teaching.
    Samantha A.
  • I was nervous about doing a video interview for the first time. Running practice rounds with you and watching them back was very helpful. The feedback you gave me helped me adjust my approach and go into the video interview with the confidence that I could tackle whatever questions they asked!
    Meg H.
  • Working with you on my business school applications helped me build the application that reflected my personality, experience, and future goals. I'm so glad I worked on figuring this out before starting school - it has proven incredibly helpful.
    Harvard Business School Student, Class of 2017